The Stellar Life

Love (r)Evolution


Love (R)Evolution

an evocative celebration of pleasure

[DAte tbd] ... [Los angeles]



does this class have anything to do with sex or being sexual?

Absolutely not. And that's precisely why we're having this class. We'll be demystifying the difference between sensuality vs. sexuality and how connecting to your sensuality is much more powerful, pleasurable, and makes you more desirable. Meow.

i'm single and not in a relationship so does this still apply to me?

Absolutely! In order for us to connect to any one else, we must first be connected to yourself. Especially if you want to connect on a deep, meaningful, passionate (with all the fireworks!) way!

do i need to bring someone with me to class?

This class will be just as effective for singles, individuals, partners, lovers, couples. You are more than welcome to bring a beloved or friend but it is not necessary.

who is this for?

This is for any individual wanting more connection and intimacy on all levels (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual) while in a safe space and container where respect and consent are always practiced. This is an experiential class where you'll learn tools you can take home and practice on your own and share it with loved ones!

what to expect

Approachable / Inspiring / Engaging

Class will be experiential. Not a lot of talking here. But there will be lots of joy, laughter, and magical moments.

you will be guided

We understand you're taking a risk here...being in a room full of strangers sharing an unforgettable afternoon. But you're not alone and you won't have to do anything you don't want to. You'll be respected and well loved.

meet other like minded+authentic angelinos

Lets face it, Los Angeles can be a big city and challenging to meet good quality people. They'll be here!

exclusive after-party

Participants are invited for an "after-glow" gathering to meet + mingle with each other (location disclosed after ticket purchase).



[warning] others will be enchanted by you

after this class you'll be:

VIBRANT - master techniques + simple tools you won't find any where else to get you lit up from the inside out...people are gonna want some of that. Watch out.

ELECTRIFYING - access energetic pathways and tap into an endless supply of energy you never knew you had.  No joke.

CONFIDENT - connect deeply with yourself. Being comfortable in you're own skin is sexy as hell. Period.

INTUITIVE - discover ways to connect to your spidey senses to help you make the right decisions and choices.