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the stellar life Rx for staying Healthy

yoga.massage.shamanic healing.

the foundation of health is aligning the mind & body for peace and harmony - a blend of yoga, movement, meditation as well as bodywork and Shamanic healing is customized for you to address your unique symptoms of pain and tension so that you can live with more ease. suffering is not a way of life and we can help.

are you experiencing any of the following?

  • anxiety/stress/fear/worry                      
  • insomnia/trouble sleeping/restless mind
  • digestion problems/irregular eating
  • back/neck/shoulder pain
  • trauma: emotional, physical, mental
  • low energy/depression/lacking motivation
  • foggy/poor concentration/confusion
  • feeling lost/stuck
  • major life changes: relationship breakup/job transition
  • death of a loved one

your unique rx

all in 1 session you'll experience your unique prescription of yoga, movement, massage and shamanic healing. you'll also receive homework and specific instructions to help you integrate and further facilitate your healing process.

type of yoga/movement: hatha, flow, ashtanga, vinyasa, restorative, therapeutic, free-form & somatic movement

type of massage: Shiatsu, cranio-sacral, Swedish, cupping, deep tissue

type of shamanic healing: soul-retrieval, power animal retrieval, spiritual intrusion/extraction, journeying

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