The Stellar Life



About stella

for over 15 years, stella cheung has been an expert yogi, holistic coach, and spiritual guide in helping clients heal by intuitively connecting with themselves for a stronger and healthier body and liberating their minds for creating an expansive life that enables them to live with more passion and trust.

"To be able to fully and freely express yourself and to be able to experience and explore all your senses and the feelings that come with them is to fully come alive"

by working with stella, you can be rest assured that you are in an environment that is profesional, safe, and nurturing. in a recent interview for a Los Angeles based publication, stella was asked what her definition of success is and she said,

"My definition of success is whether or not I’m living and practicing what I value. I believe our values are the foundation of how we want to define our lives and the beginning of living intentionally. If we can live intentionally, then we can powerfully create what we want and design a life that is in alignment with who we are."


  1. AUTHENTICITY…Being, doing, and living according to what my truth is will allow me to live authentically.
  2. TRUTH…Being in integrity is very important to me.
  3. LOVE & CONNECTION…Having genuine heart to heart connection where trust and vulnerability can be safely expressed, respected, and shared in all my relationships.
  4. TIME…Yoga has taught me to be efficient with my energy by being focused. A question I often ask myself is: Is all that I’m doing serving my Highest good and in alignment with me?
  5. INVESTING IN MYSELF…Whether it’s classes, books, podcasts, dance, yoga, meditation, sleep, rest, travel…I make sure I keep myself “filled up” so I can be of service to others.